Indemnity Agreements for Surety Bonds

We are often asked questions as to why a surety needs personal information when qualifying a company for a bond. This all has to do with the principle of indemnity. The surety bond product itself would cease to exist without this principle. In this post,

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What your ERISA Bond is NOT!

Fiduciary liability insurance is designed to protect fiduciaries who, although acting in good faith, violate the complex fiduciary rules as expressed in federal rules, regulations, and court rulings.

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Use Your Bonding Company as a Resource!

In uncertain times such as these, your relationship with your bond company is especially important.  As part of their underwriting process, they have teams of analysts monitoring the legal, economic and political climate across the country.

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UPDATE Tonry Insurance Group’s Response to COVID-19

NOTICE Our Quincy office has moved to Braintree